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Preserving the Magnificent

!!  Don't Think Small  !!

An American Castle

Museum Quality Gilded Age Mansion Re-Location

ResErections, Inc. specializes in documenting, marketing and disassembling architecturally unique and historical homes that can be reconstructed on sites where the costly investment in renovation results in the creation of new real estate wealth.  We save endangered magnificence.

Recent developments in Laser Imaging and Measurement and AutoCad Revit and BIM  architectural software, RFID item tagging (radio frequency identification),  detailed component identification, careful documentation, disassembly and skillful conservator-quality handling makes the difficult and costly task of disassembly, relocation, and accurate reconstruction of buildings practical.

 Richardson Romanesque I

$  3,350,000

6,700 sqft, 7 bedrooms, 8 baths, 7 fireplaces

McLaughlin, James W.   (Cincinnati, 1834-1923)

Romanesque I - An American Castle - Video

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James W. McLaughlin was one of the most important American architects during the second half of the nineteenth century. With his contemporary Samuel Hannaford, McLaughlin dominated Midwest architectural scene until the turn of the century. Between them, they split major establishment governmental, institutional, commercial, and residential commissions. McLaughlin gave definitive form to the numerous cultural and public institutions developed during this highpoint of prosperity, creativity, and influence. McLaughlin had a distinctive stylistic personality, and was innovative structurally and functionally.

McLaughlin's designs were recognized as a functional and structural model for its day. His designs  reflect his bold approach to conventional styles. He was also responsible for designing several of the earliest "skyscrapers" among many commercial structures throughout his long career. McLaughlin gave a handsome personal twist to the design of virtually every building he was responsible for, but his best and most characteristic surviving works are in his version of the Richardson Romanesque style stripped to its most basic geometric forms, with minimal ornament demonstrating an innovative approach to materials, particularly cast-iron and architectural terracotta.

McLaughlin's also designed many other commercial, institutional, educational, religious, transportation buildings, and residences,  He was prominent for over 50 years as one of the most skillful American architects.


This 1890 home built for the founder of a nationally known shoe manufacturer is located near the inner city where its value is depreciated in its urban environment and the economics of maintaining it on its current site are prohibitive. It can be disassembled and moved to a complementary setting permanently preserving the beauty of this historic architecture.  Its value as private or institutional real estate is priceless.

Most of the other houses we are offering for relocation are internally damaged by years of use as rooming houses, nursing homes, abandonment and vandalism.  Interior reconstruction is a big job. 

However, Richardson Romanesque I is in a different class, in pristine shape internally, and is a much more complex disassembly, relocation, and reconstruction effort.  The house and its interior is a gilded era art work.  All of it is real, with period antiques of museum quality.  The original 1890 furnishings are still in the house.  Presidents McKinley and Taft would have been quite comfortable here.  

Moving this house will create at least 30 man years of American work for design, construction, and transportation professionals.

It costs several million to move a mansion.  This investment is immediately rewarded with a real estate property worth more than the money spent, so the actual cost is zero.  Paper money becomes tangible real estate that has already lasted 125 years  ... And last for another five generations with care.   We guarantee another 200 years or your money back !!

Pricing ... There are two alternative pricing structures.

All of the original house materials are saved and reused.  Since 95 % of the materials required during reconstruction is included in the delivered price, the cost of new materials for the reconstructed house will be far less than a house built from scratch with new materials.  Many of the components of the house are unique, and cannot be reproduced with modern materials and techniques.  Houses constructed in this manner will be environmentally superior, and qualify for the US Green Building Council's superior LEED standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).  Not only will the new building meet strict environmental requirements, but will save the resources that would be spent creating a modern McMansion of the same size.

There will be substantial work for the buyer's architects at both the current location and future site.  Reserections will pay the cash costs of the buyer's architect for on-site services documenting the AS-IS case, collaborating on the disassembly, and integrating LIDAR, RFID, and other digital information into their AutoCAD and BIM software systems. This would not include any fees charged to the buyer for architectural services for redesign and reconstruction on the buyer’s new site.

The Greenest Building is One Already Built  - "Preservation saves energy by taking advantage of the non-recoverable energy embodied in an existing building and extending the use of it"  Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. With state of the art engineering and reconstruction, the recycled building will qualify for a USGBC LEED Gold or Platinum rating.

Appropriate buyers would be individuals building estates or institutions enhancing their campuses, restaurants, country clubs, embassies, museums, private banks, legal firms, movie producers, etc. that can benefit from owning this authentic window into 1890.

Why this house must be moved ... The neighborhood is rife with drug activity and violent gun crime. In 2008, there were 19,331 calls for police service, 1,703 crimes including 11 murders, 19 rapes, 237 robberies, 92 assaults, 440 burglaries, 776 larcenies, and 144 car thefts.

The estimated chance of being a victim of a crime is 1 in 11.

The estimated chance of being a victim of violent crime is 1 in 75

The estimated chance of being a victim of property crime is 1 in 13

The violent crime index is 41% higher than its city average and 218% the state average.

Crime is up 16 percent from 2000. Gunfire is so frequent that some residents say their dogs stopped howling. Many residents have grown complacent and fearful of reporting criminal activity for fear of reprisal.

Why Now ... It is time to start finding a new home for the house to make sure that it stays together in prior anticipation of an estate liquidation.

Comment: In America, preservation and restoration is a many billion dollar business.  Maintenance of public  and historic structures is a high art, with many professional practitioners.  There is no shortage of work to do, and the majority of the work is paid for institutionally, by government, or other cultural organizations.   It is by no means a non-profit business.  Professional preservationists have an obligation to selectively and responsibly put limited talents and money where the best of heritage is preserved rather than telling others what their limited resources should be spent on.  Often good solutions to reclaiming and using historic structures are criticized as not good enough and left to further decay and loss.  And often good and worthy structures are abused and demolished because enough interest and money could not be found to do a better thing.  We agree 100% ... moving endangered structures is a far better result than demolition or scavenging for individual components.

Question:  If I connect you with a buyer, will you pay a commission ??

Answer:  Yes, ResErections will pay non-owner individuals a commission or finders fee of $ 50,000 upon closing.   The same $ 50,000 fee would be paid to non-owner individuals that identify additional endangered houses that we market and provide local support services such as photography and current owner connections.  You must contact us to establish your role as an initiator source.  A Confidentiality Agreement will be necessary. 

    Romanesque I - An American Castle - Video

(turn your sound on)


Viewer Questions and Answers ...






Front Entry

Thru the Doors

Hallway Lighting


Stairway Landing



Stairway Ceiling

Stairway Ceiling

1890 Third Street Stained Glass - Stairway Landing

Hallway Cieling




Front Porch


Living Room

Hallway Doorway

This early photo of the house front and porch, hidden now by foliage

Front Porch









Living Room Fireplace

Dining Room Fireplace

Living Room


Door Knobs and Stone


After 125 years downwind of an industrial district, the stone bears an accumulation of soot.

A professional craftsman cleans stone, returning it to its original color.

The original 1890 furnishings are still here.  125 years old.  Immaculate 

Dining Room








More Chandeliers -  Several not shown    


Bedroom Stained Glass

Door Archways


Kitchen Stained Glass


Guardian Angel Statues

Location ... Location ... Re-Location !

It is an Art Museum !

This magnificent house is fully furnished with antiques of the period, most of which will remain.

Romanesque I - An American Castle - Video

(turn your sound on)


Viewer Questions and Answers ... 


Telephone    (800) 392-2421
         Office   (513) 442-3718
Cell       (513) 212-8496
We would enjoy hearing from you by phone or email. (800) 392-2421
Electronic mail             Info@ResErections.com


These videos show our work on the Middletown Church, focused on laser scanning, and the work of disassembling massive stone buildings.        

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         Laser Image Fly Through   Laser Scan by 3D Engineering Solutions

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