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Preserving the Magnificent

!!  Don't Think Small  !!

ReLocated to Your Site

ResErections proposes to disassemble the whole house for the purpose of reconstruction.

ResErections, Inc. specializes in documenting, marketing and disassembling architecturally unique and historical homes that can be reconstructed on sites where the costly investment in renovation results in the creation of new real estate wealth.  We save wonderful historic buildings from demolition.

Recent developments in Laser Imaging and Measurement and AutoCad and BIM - (building information modeling) architectural software and RFID item tagging (radio frequency identification) has made the difficult task of disassembly, relocation, and accurate reconstruction of buildings practical.

ResErections collaborates with local architects and tradesmen in both the source and destination of the buildings. We do not rebuild because we have no control over what the new owner and architect want to do. We build the supply chain between the seller and the buyer of reputable professional firms. We document the structure, supervise on-site work standards, and package and ship the recovered components. We recover everything that will not crumble when touched.



Location ... Location ... Re-Location !!

Both buildings will be reconstructed in Texas this spring and summer.  We have disassembled both buildings, the 1885 Queen Anne from Walnut Hills, and a 1904 Church designed by Frank Mills Andrews from Middletown, Ohio. 

Visit the Reconstruction Page ...  Completion by the fall of 2015.


DisAssembly of the Kemper Castle (1885) ... Click Picture for Details 

Currently, we are offering several magnificent stone mansions .. all from the "Gilded Age"

These homes can be carefully disassembled, preserving key components, the interior

framing, exterior stone facades, roof slates and any other recoverable materials. 

And shipped to your site anywhere in the world.

Historic Mansions to ReLocate

ResErections has 10 more houses and two magnificent church buildings for sale.


     Richardson Romanesque I - 1890            Richardson Romanesque II   1886 

           James McLaughlin  $  3,250,000              Samuel Hannaford $  2,750,000       


Romanesque I - An American Castle - Video

Video of museum quality 1890 interior (turn your sound on)


Richardson Romanesque III - 1888            Richardson Romanesque IV   1883 

        Samuel Hannaford  $  2,250,000              James McLaughlin $  2,250,000       


        Victorian Gothic  1881                           New York Cotswold  1870              

 Great Period Mansion  $  3,250,000                              $  1,850,000                        


Tennessee Log Inn ... 1873   $ 400,000                   Baptist Church 1904 - Done


Click on any image above for more pictures and information


These magnificent homes were built by noted architects with the finest materials and craftsmanship that only the very wealthy could afford in the days before income taxes.  Natural stone of the highest quality.  Timbers of hardwoods and pines that today would be sold by the pound as too valuable for any use but veneer.  Interior furnishings that reflect the refined tastes of the era.  Many have magnificent fireplaces and interior wooden trim.

Each of these houses were built for successful entrepreneurs and merchants by famed architects of the late 19th century.  Each house has a history and reflects the wealth of their creators.  

However, these houses were built before the automobile, and are located near the urban heart of older American cities.  Suburbanization after WWII left these masterpieces behind, and their neighborhoods declined.  That is the case with the properties above, located in unsafe neighborhoods that have a preponderance of disadvantaged urban housing.  In many cases, the removal of the house would allow the land they occupy to be put to a higher end use.  The problem of these houses is that they are where they are, and not where rational economic people would spend the resources to save them.  

We love these old houses, and wouldn’t touch a house that is a grace to its surroundings.  We are looking for great old STONE houses that are located in unfortunate inner city type environments or are in the way for communities that need the site for public and private purposes.  There are many neglected architectural beauties that meet this description facing demolition.  We save them in a new location.

Recent developments in Laser Imaging and Measurement and AutoCad and BIM - (building information modeling) architectural software and RFID item tagging (radio frequency identification) has made the difficult task of disassembly, relocation, and accurate reconstruction of buildings practical.

The Greenest Building is One Already Built   "Preservation saves energy by taking advantage of the nonrecoverable energy embodied in an existing building and extending the use of it"  Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. With state of the art engineering and reconstruction, the recycled building will qualify for a USGBC LEED Gold or Platinum rating.

Disassembly of each of these houses will create 15 jobs at the origin site and in the supply chain. 

Moving these houses is expensive, involving several professions and crafts.  Reserections manages the entire process of disassembling and shipping these architecturally valuable residences and employs a wide range of experienced contractors and other experts to document, disassemble, and transport them.

There will be substantial work for the buyer's architects at both the current location and future site.  Reserections will pay the cash costs of the buyer's architect for on-site services documenting the AS-IS case, collaborating on the disassembly, and integrating LIDAR, RFID, and other digital information into their AutoCAD and BIM software systems. This would not include any fees charged to the buyer for architectural services for redesign and reconstruction on the buyer’s new site.

It costs several million to move a mansion.  This investment is immediately rewarded with a real estate property worth more than the money spent, so the actual cost is zero. 

Private Offers and Sales:   Reserections will conduct searches and provide services.


Victorian Gothic   $ 3,250,000  This house is available privately



This 19th century High Victorian Eclectic Gothic castle built in 1881 by architects C&R for a gilded age merchant in a major midwest city.  This four story 6,100 sqft residence has more than twenty rooms, five marble fireplaces, 80 windows, and extensive fancy woodcarvings. A ballroom runs the length of the house in the fourth floor of the manor.  Turrets and gargoyles enhance the facade, giving the house a pronounced "castle" appearance.   Call or Email ResErections for link to details.





We have three more castles available for private sale.



ReLocation, ReLocation, ReLocation

The Croft of TeaTown

TeaTown will select the successful purchaser on March 1.

ResErections has a Cathedral and a grand church available ...  Click pics for Details


                     $    3,500,000                                              $  4,750,000                                                       


How ResErections got into this business ... 


These videos show our work on the Middletown Church, focused on laser scanning, and the work of disassembling massive stone buildings.

            Daily Work    Disassembly and documentation.

            Quick Video of Church Disassembly

                Make this place your Home    Project scope

                Laser Image FlyThrough   Laser Scan by 3D Engineering Solutions

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See what we are doing now !


        Romanesque I - An American Castle Video  (turn your sound on)

        Work in Process - Several videos of church disassembly & Links


        Web visitor Questions and Answers ...


        Daily work activity photographs:

               March 2013






               March 2014




The Team






Frank,  John,  Lee,  Brian,  Aaron 






Pedro,  Joaquin,  Will,  John,  Keith



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